There is no one way to be a Wildcat, and the path to success and graduation will look different for everyone.  There is a place for you on this campus,  if you need help finding it let us know.  

True belonging doesn't require you to change who you are; it requires you to be who you are. - Brene Brown 

Join a club With more than 600 clubs at the University of Arizona, you can find folks with the same interests. 
Connect with your religious group Faith and spirituality can provide a great deal of comfort and support to students.  There are many diverse faiths on the University of Arizona campus.  It is important to be respectful of other's beliefs. 
Go to Campus Recreation  Campus recreation has many opportunities for you to connect with other Wildcats.  From basketball to Wilderness yoga, there are interests to meet so many needs and skill levels.  

Connect with an identity center 

You can connect with other that hold the same identities, and create a support structure where you can be more actively engaged in a cultural or identity group. 
Volunteer & Give Back  Expressing gratitude and giving to other is a way to create more connections.  You can also create a community of others who care about giving back. 
Get a job Finding a position on campus will give you the opportunity to meet many other students, develop skills and help you in your future career. 
Connect with your college/major  Talk to your Academic Advisor about the best ways to get involved in your major or college.